The possession, sale and consumption of all types of liquor are banned in Bihar. Please register complaints regarding this on the following Toll Free Numbers:15545 or 18003456268.

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The department of Excise and Prohibition is one of the oldest departments of the state and it was one of the main sources of state revenue . The major function of this department had been monitoring and regulation of spirit, alcoholic beverage and molasses and to generate excise revenue through a variety of duties and fees. New excise policy, 2007 had been introduced from 1st July, 2007.Under this new policy, all types of retail excise shops were settled through lottery.

The state Government took a major policy decision through gazette notification dated 21/12/2015 wherein it was decided that from 1st April 2016, the production, Sale and Consumption of Country Liquor and spiced country liquor shall be banned, The Sale of the IMFL and Beer was allowed to be sold in Nagar Parishad and Nagar Nigam Area through BSBCL managed retail shops. However on 05th April 2016 Government decided to impose Complete Prohibition in the ENTIRE STATE by banning possession, sale and consumption of India Made Foreign liquor (IMFL), Foreign Made Foreign Liqour (FMFL) and Beer. Thus Government of Bihar has adopted complete Prohibition Policy.

The intelligence wing of the Excise Department is being strengthened for effective implementation of prohibition policy in the state of Bihar. The State Government has also passed Bihar Excise (Amendment) Act 2016 making the penal provisions more stringent and offence under Excise Act has became non compoundable as well as non-bailable. The minimum punishment for violation of the provisions of the Excise Act is imprisonment of 5 years with penalty of 1 Lakh Rupees and maximum punishment is life imprisonment with 10 lakhs Rupees or Capital punishment. The possession, sale and consumption of all types of liquor has been banned.

The Bihar Excise (Amendment) Act 2016 was passed by both houses of State legislature and his Excellency Governor of Bihar has also given his consent.


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